About Mitchel Howard Ashley

In 2002 Mitchel Ashley was chosen to carry the Olympic torch through the streets of New York as part of the Olympic Torch relay. It is the ideals of the Olympics, hard work, dedication, loyalty, honor and dignity that Mitchel brings to the practice of law. Mitchel is a lawyer’s lawyer being called into difficult cases by other members of the bar to handle those cases from inception through trial. His clients call him lawyer, confidant and friend.

Mr. Ashley is a self-made success. Starting as a clerk in a well-known personal injury law firm, he rose from Summer Associate to Associate and then to Partner in a few short years, and ultimately to Managing Partner of Shandell, Blitz, Blitz and Ashley. Through the years, Mitchel has represented the interests of hundreds, settled cases and obtained verdicts in the millions of dollars, obtained justice for his clients, and renewed their peace of mind during troubled times. In 2009, after the retirement of his partners, Mitchel opened his present firm.

Case Results:

$6,020,000 Verdict for Motor Vehicle Accident

Mitchel Ashley recovered over $6 million for a woman who was pushing her daughter in a stroller and was struck by a car. The mother was severely injured and the child was killed as a result of the accident.

$5,500,000 Settlement for Car Accident

Mitchel Ashley recovered $5.5 million in damages for a female security guard who was crossing the street in a crosswalk and was hit by a turning 18-wheel truck. She was dragged under the front of the truck for one block and suffered extensive injuries to both of her legs.

$5,400,000 Verdict for Medical Malpractice

Our client, a 58 year-old Vietnam veteran, walked into an ambulance to go to the hospital to be treated for an illness. That was practically the last time he walked. Due to the hospital’s negligence, our client contracted bedsores which left him unable to walk and confined to a wheelchair. At the end of a month-long trial the jury awarded our client $5.4 million dollars.

$3,800,000 Verdict for Medical Malpractice

Our client had a ruptured appendix that went undiagnosed for an extended period, and, as a result, suffered brain damage. Mitchel Ashley was able to put together a case that resulted in the verdict of close to $4 million.

$2,500,000 Verdict for Medical Malpractice

Mitchel Ashley was able to collect $2,500,000 for the parents of an infant who suffered brain damage when doctors failed to perform a caesarean section in a timely manner.

$2,275,000 Verdict for Medical Malpractice

Mitchel successfully represented a child who was forced to live with Cerebral Palsy because the doctors failed to recognize her mother’s delivery was not proceeding correctly and they failed to perform a timely caesarean section. Working with the family post settlement, Mitchel set up a supplemental needs trust to provide for this young girl’s needs for the rest of her life.

$2,000,000 Verdict for Medical Malpractice

Mitchel Ashley was able to recover $1,2000,000 for a young man who went to the dentist for a simple tooth extraction. Our client was given too much anesthesia and, as a result, suffered some neurological problems.

$1,850,000 Verdict for Workplace Accident

Mitchel settled a case of a 33 year-old construction worker who was hit by a falling piece of wood while on his worksite. He injured his shoulder, neck and back. While working with him, Mitchel discovered he desired to move and was unsure if he could secure work again. Mitchel’s helped him work with a financial advisor after the settlement and secured for him a payout which provides for him to get a monthly allowance of $2,200 for the rest of his life and lump sum payments totaling over $500,000. Now Mitchel’s client has successfully moved his family to a warmer climate.

$1,000,000 Verdict for Medical Malpractice

Mitchel Ashley recovered $1 million for a young man who went to the dentist for a routine procedure of having his wisdom teeth extracted. The dentist failed to get out all of the tooth and did not properly give antibiotics in a timely manner. The young man suffered permanent cognitive loss.

$815,000 Verdict for Car Accident

Mitchel successfully represented a man who was hit by a car while exiting his employer’s vehicle. The car that hit Mitchel’s client had minimal insurance coverage of $25,000. Mitchel correctly thought that the employer would have special insurance coverage called Supplementary Uninsured Motorist coverage which would allow his client to recover additional monies for his catastrophic leg fracture. Mitchel’s instincts and investigative efforts were rewarded by getting the injured person an additional settlement of $790,000.

$424,000 Verdict for Slip and Fall

A jury awarded Mitchel Ashley’s client $424,000 for injuries she suffered when she slipped on snow and ice while descending the stairs going down to the subway. Mitchel proved that the Transit Authority never properly shoveled the steps after a heavy snowfall and that led to a dangerous condition. The jury ultimately found the Transit Authority 100% responsible and awarded our client $424,000 for the herniated disc in her back and neck.

$300,000 Verdict for Motor Vehicle Accident

Mitchel recovered virtually all of a $300,000 insurance policy for a pedestrian struck by a car in Nassau County. Even though the police report said the client was not in the cross walk and was walking against the light, the insurance company opted to settle the case rather than see what the jury would think.

Admission Details

  • Admitted in 1994, New York, New Jersey and U.S. District Court, Eastern and Southern Districts of New York

Law School Attended

  • Hofstra University Class of 1993 J.D.

University Attended

  • University of Rochester Class of 1987 B.A.

Birth Information

  • Born in 1965 New York, N.Y., February 10, 1965

Areas of Law

  • Auto Accidents
  • Slip, Trip and Fall
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Employment Discrimination & Sexual Harassment